HSBC in Korea

HSBC’s presence in Korea dates back to 1897 when it opened its first branch in Chemulpo (now Incheon) on 21 August.

The bank offered current accounts to a diverse group of foreign merchants, traders and local entrepreneurs. It also helped finance the thriving port’s traded goods and took part in collective loans to invest in modernising infrastructure projects such as the Seoul-Busan railway, completed in 1905. In October 1974, the Bank of Korea invited HSBC to establish its own office for trade finance in Seoul.

Today, HSBC operates a bank branch, a securities branch and a fund administration service.

HSBC provides Global Banking and Markets services to financial institutions, Korean and multinational companies who are trading and investing internationally and require access to the Bank’s extensive global network and knowledge of the Korean market.

HSBC supports Korean companies to expand overseas and multinational companies to grow their business in Korea.

HSBC‘s operations in Korea include:


HSBC’s banking unit is responsible for the overall management of relationships with its clients of Korean large corporates, multinational companies and financial institutions, offering innovative and integrated financial solutions.


HSBC's Markets business is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It combines 24-hour global coverage with detailed knowledge of local markets. HSBC offers foreign exchange, credit, rates and equities services.

Investment Banking

HSBC’s Capital Financing operations include primary equity and debt capital markets, specialised structured financing solutions such as asset-backed finance, leveraged and acquisition finance, project and export finance, and mergers and acquisitions services.
(*Project and export finance belongs to the Bank (HSBC in Korea) whereas the others belong to HSBC Securities, Seoul Branch.)

Securities Services

HSBC offers comprehensive global, regional and domestic fund services including fund administration, global custody, corporate trust and loan agency and sub-custody and clearing.

Global Liquidity and Cash Management

HSBC can deliver global liquidity and cash management solutions to help clients to efficiently manage their working capital and financial assets.

Trade and Receivables Finance

HSBC offers a range of trade and receivables finance services and expertise, underpinned by its global network across developed and emerging markets.


HSBC Securities in Korea

  • Level 7, HSBC Building, 37, Chilpae-ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul Korea

  • Tel: +82 (2) 3706 8700

HSBC Fund Services (Korea) Limited

  • Level 12, HSBC Building, 37, Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

  • Tel: +82 (2) 3771 9800

Financial information

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