HSBC in Korea

HSBC’s presence in Korea dates back to 1897 when it opened its first branch in Chemulpo (now Incheon).

The bank offered current accounts to a diverse group of foreign merchants, traders and local entrepreneurs. It also helped finance the thriving port’s traded goods and took part in collective loans to invest in modernising infrastructure projects such as the Seoul-Busan railway, completed in 1905. In October 1974, the Bank of Korea invited HSBC to establish its own office for trade finance in Seoul.

Today, HSBC operates a bank branch and a securities branch in Korea with a focus on the Global Banking & Markets (GBM) business.

HSBC connects Korean and multinational companies to opportunities in the world based on the extensive global network and the expertise in the Korean market. HSBC in Korea also provides tailored financial solutions to Korea’s financial institutions and public sector companies.

Global Banking

HSBC’s Global Banking unit is responsible for the overall management of relationships with our corporate and institutional clients. Based on global expertise coupled with local knowledge, we offer innovative and integrated financial solutions to our clients that draw on Global Banking & Markets' comprehensive suite of products.

Global Markets

HSBC's Markets business is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It combines 24-hour global coverage with a detailed knowledge of local markets. We offer product solutions in foreign exchange, credit, rates and equities.

Capital Markets

HSBC’s Capital Markets provides clients with a variety of integrated capital market solutions that meet clients’ funding and strategic needs. Its capabilities span primary and secondary equity and debt capital markets, specialised and tailored structured solutions such as, convertible/exchangeable bonds, liability management, ratings and capital structure analysis and advisory, and leveraged and acquisition finance.

Securities Services

HSBC is a leading provider of securities services worldwide. HSBC offers comprehensive global, regional and domestic solutions encompassing trustee, global custody and direct custody.

Global Liquidity and Cash Management (GLCM)

HSBC GLCM provides financial institutions and companies with a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions and products to help them do business every day. GLCM helps clients to move their cash, have visibility, control and access to their cash and invest their cash through HSBC’s proprietary systems, HSBCnet and HSBC Connect.

Global Trade and Receivables Finance

HSBC offers an extensive range of trade and receivables finance services and expertise, underpinned by our global network across developed and emerging markets.


HSBC Securities in Korea

  • Level 7, HSBC Building, 37, Chilpae-ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul Korea

  • Tel: +82 (2) 3706 8700

Financial information

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